Restoring FocalpointŪ 3.0 Window Settings.

From within FocalpointŪ, click File, then click Open.

Under Directories (Windows 3.x) or Folders (Windows 95), proceed according to what is displayed on the screen:

If there is a folder named DATADIR, double-click the folder. If no DATADIR folder is visible, double-click the driver letter G:

Double-click the APOWSTN folder.

Under File Name, double-click FPOINT.FPI.

(Wait as FocalpointŪ reloads the original default configuration) From the File menu, click Save As. Then click OK.

Click OK to confirm overwriting the FPOINT.FPI file. The original settings have now been restored to your workstation and will remain in effect when Focalpoint is restarted.